Joe Neely, Banking Expert Witness
Neely & Associates Banking Consultant
Banking expert witness analysis, reporting and testimony in litigation
Consulting and advisory services to community banks on a variety of strategic and regulatory issues


Few persons have had the opportunity to view the banking industry from the combined perspectives of a community banker, a bankers banker, a state banking supervisor, and as a federal regulatory official and policy maker. Joe Neely has served in all capacities as a career banker, founder of a banker’s bank, Commissioner of Banking for the State of Mississippi, and Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. He has the rare experience of opening a bank as a banker and closing a bank as a regulator.

Through Neely and Associates, he serves as an expert witness in various banking and regulatory related litigation. He additionally provides consulting and advisory services to community banks on a variety of strategic and regulatory issues.


  • Former Presidential appointee to the FDIC Board of Directors in Washington, D.C.
  • Former Gubernatorial Appointee as Commissioner of the MS Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
  • Experienced and qualified banking expert witness
  • Consultant and advisor in strategic banking and regulatory issues
  • Extensive and seasoned banking career
  • Capitalized and chartered a banker’s bank
  • President and CEO of the bank
  • Accomplished and informed public speaker
What sets Neely & Associates apart?

A unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience providing valuable insight and guidance to banking institutions and to legal firms involved in banking litigation


A strong foundation of knowledge in banking practices, procedures, and industry trends is essential. This includes an understanding of various banking products, risk management, strategic initiatives, compliance requirements, and financial analysis.


Significant experience at the highest levels of both federal and state banking regulatory authority. Active involvement in all forms of banking regulatory oversight, including supervisory orders and enforcement actions.


Understanding the specific needs and goals of each client is paramount. A valued banking consultant and advisor should be able to build strong relationships with clients, actively listen to their concerns, and provide tailored recommendations that align with their objectives.


Building and maintaining a network of contacts within the banking and regulatory industry creates a distinct advantage. This allows for an active connection with industry professionals, access to valuable resources and staying abreast of industry developments.


Integrity and ethics are fundamental in the banking industry. An adherence to professional standards and confidentiality prioritizes the best interests of the clients served.